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Scalp Micropigmentation and Grey Hair
October 7, 2021
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October 20, 2021
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SMP gray hair – FAQ

1. Can SMP be applied to gray hair?

Yes. The treatment is suitable for all natural hair colours. The pigment is completely attuned to your own hair and/or hair stubble color.

2. Is SMP noticeable in gray hair?

The pigment applied has the appearance of natural hair stubble. In that regard, it doesn't stand out. Bald spots are filled, a bald skull gets a shaved look and your thinned head of hair becomes optically fuller. These results are independent of the color of your hair. We work with various shades of gray that together have a natural appearance.

3. Is SMP more expensive for gray hair?

No, the color of the pigment used does not affect the price of the treatment. The number of main zones that are treated largely determines the treatment rate.

4. How many treatment sessions do I have left for a good result with gray hair?

A SMP trajectory usually consists of 3 treatment sessions. Immediately after the 1st session you will have visible results. In the 2nd treatment, the effect is further optimized and most people achieve the desired result. The 3rd session is in most cases used as a touch-up. In exceptional cases, someone needs more sessions to see a good result. The number of treatment sessions is independent of the color of the pigment.

5. Is gray pigment only used in men?

New. The pigment used will match your hair and hair stubble color. Both men and women with gray hair can have a SMP treatment applied in case of hair loss.

6. Does gray hair need an SMP touch-up sooner?

The frequency in which touch-ups are desired differs from person to person. The fading of the pigment has several causes. From unprotected exposure of the scalp to the sun, to excessive sweating and the way the scalp and hair are cared for. The color of the pigment has nothing to do with this.

7. I have gray hair myself, can I choose a different color pigment?

You choose the pigment that is used in the treatment in consultation with the SMP specialist. The most natural results are achieved when working with matching pigments. If you really wish, you can also choose a different color. Incidentally, an experienced SMP specialist will always advise you extensively about the different color combinations.

8. Can I choose a different color pigment later?

Pigment is also used for touch-ups. You can adjust the pigment to the natural changes of your hair. If you are not satisfied with the chosen color later on, you can have an SMP treatment undone.

9. Can I see results from SMP on gray hair?

Yes. Online, but also in the clinic, you can see different SMP before and after photos where gray hair has been treated. Both men and women with gray hair and who have had an SMP treatment applied are satisfied with the results achieved.

Juan Guerrero is the CEO and Founder of ScalpMicro Tampa Bay clinic. He helps people with hair loss problems to regain their confidence through scalp micropigmentation.

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