Scalp Micropigmentation and Its Wonderful Benefits

Scalp Micropigmentation for hair density – FAQ
October 27, 2021
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Scalp Micropigmentation and Its Wonderful Benefits

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical treatment that consists of injecting microscopic pigment deposits into the scalp tissue to hide bald spots in the scalp and camouflage thinning or imperfections due to hair loss or scarring. This technique involves the simulation of natural hair roots to create an optical coverage. Thanks to the specific composition of the pigments used, SMP is reversible, hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

The specific stippling technique and the natural ash color guarantee an almost perfect replication of the natural hair pattern and natural reflection. The total duration of action of Scalp Micropigmentation depends on the treatment zone, the individual age, the skin characteristics, the complexion and the immune system of the patient as well as on external factors (sun exposure). The design of the hairline, the homogeneity of the treatment and the harmony with the existing hair are also extremely important factors to obtain a very natural-looking result. In principle, a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment consists of 3 sessions, with the first and second session performed on 2 consecutive days and the third session 20 to 30 days after the second session. One session usually takes between 2 and 4 hours.

What can we achieve?

1. Coverage effect

The cover effect allows to obtain a good coverage of the scalp, even with longer hair lengths. It reduces transparency and increases the optical density of the hair. This application is a good alternative to hair fiber products.

2. Shaved look

To simulate a completely shaved look in patients for whom hair transplant surgery is not indicated due to an imbalance between donor and recipient, patients with alopecia universalis or patients looking for a cheaper solution to their hair loss problem than hair transplant. The shaved look allows an improvement in density and a complete or partial reconstruction of the scalp (hairline) in shaved or medium length hair.

3. Scar

Reconstruction Allows patients to hide post-operative FUE or FUT scars or post-traumatic scars.

4. Alternative treatment for women

There are women who do not qualify for a hair transplant because of balance problems with the donor/reception area. Some suffer from alopecia universalis and others are simply looking for a cheaper solution. Scalp Micropigmentation can provide an alternative solution for visibly better hair density.

Is the result qualitative?

The quality of the result of an SMP treatment mainly depends on the following important factors:

  • An adapted device - the pressure, speed and frequency of the Scalp Micropigmentation device.
  • Custom needles - the most advanced needles, needle diameter.
  • The composition and color of the pigments used
  • Practitioner's technique, skills and experience
  • The condition of the patient's scalp (particularly the presence of scar tissue)


Juan Guerrero is the CEO and Founder of ScalpMicro Tampa Bay clinic. He helps people with hair loss problems to regain their confidence through scalp micropigmentation.

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