Permanent Make-up Treatments For Men 2021

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October 31, 2020
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Permanent Make-up Treatments For Men 2021

One of the most popular PMU treatments among men is scalp pigmentation – scalp pigmentation. Well done, the treatment is safe, non-invasive and visually appealing. It can be the perfect solution for bald men who want to cover up the receding hairline or optically add density to their hair.

What is scal pigmentation?

Scalp pigmentation, also called scalp pigmentation, is the pigmentation and creation of hair stubble on the scalp using a new innovative tattoo technique. For this we use special approved pigments that are suitable for the scalp.

This technique can be used with partial and even complete baldness. It conceals the bald / thinning area of the scalp. (Think of inlets and thinner crown) With thinning hair you create a fuller look and with baldness it looks like you have stubble again.

In ladies who often wear their hair straight back, with afro hair or braids, baldness can develop at the temples. We can also fill this up nicely with scalp pigmentation.

About the treatment. Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not experienced as painful. If your skin is very sensitive, a layer of anesthetic cream can be applied beforehand; this makes the treatment almost numb. You have to get this yourself from your doctor.

How long will the treatment take?

For best results, the treatment is carried out in 4 to 6 sessions. This creates a beautiful natural result and it seems like you are slowly getting your hair back. There is an average healing time of 2 to 4 weeks between the treatments.

Price on request

The price depends on the time it takes for the treatment and the degree of perfection that the client wants to achieve.

What results can I expect from scalp pigmentation?

Depending on the number of main areas being treated, several treatment sessions are usually required to achieve an optimal result. You have results immediately after the first treatment. After the second treatment session, the result is already clearly visible for most people. The third treatment is often intended more as a touch-up. Results differ per person, it may happen that someone needs extra treatment, while with another the result after the second treatment session is optimal.

Are the results of scalp pigmentation natural?

The color of the pigment that is used matches your natural hair color as much as possible. In this way, extremely lifelike results are achieved. Someone who does not know that you have undergone scalp pigmentation will not see the difference from real hair stubble.

Does scalp pigmentation work with gray hair?

Yes, you can also benefit from the scalp pigmentation treatment with gray hair. Men who opt for a treatment are always asked to shave their hair short before the treatment. Once this has happened, gray hair is no longer noticeable as gray hair, because the hair root is often slightly darker. Your hair will only look gray when it grows and gets longer. A greyish pigment is used, which can be adjusted to blend better with lighter hair colors. The treatment is applied with a lighter dilution, which is suitable for mixing with gray hair and the results are excellent.

As a cheaper alternative to hair transplant, this procedure can increase men’s self-esteem and make them more satisfied with themselves.

Unfortunately, there are also bad failures with scalp pigmentation, which could have been prevented with professional knowledge and good practice. The color can run too deeply and incorrectly and cause a “helmet” look. In addition, only stubble can be optically reconstructed here. Dear men, please urgently seek extensive advice if you are interested in the pigmentation of the scalp.

In addition to scalp pigmentation, men now also love other permanent make-up options! The eyebrow hair drawing is becoming increasingly popular with men who want perfectly manicured eyebrows. Even lash line thickening is growing in popularity. The most important factor for men is a subtle and natural-looking permanent make-up result. Most men want their pigmentation to have a masculine look. If it is a bit more feminine, this wish can certainly also be fulfilled.

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