5 Reasons To Choose Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation And Optical Hair Compensation
October 31, 2020
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5 Reasons To Choose Scalp Micro Pigmentation

For many people, the step of undergoing Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is not just any one. It is a decision that is in many cases preceded by years of uncertainty and the path that is taken is often a long one.

It sounds too good to be true! More hair density without the need for a hair transplant. But thanks to SMP it is possible, for the eye. This technique is a godsend, for example when the density on top of your head is lower than on the sides. The present hair, together with Scalp Micro Pigmentation, forms a whole that cannot be distinguished from the real thing.

Take a look at someone else’s hair. Often the first thing you see is the hairline. The question that is usually asked to us is: “Which hairline suits me and what does it look like?”

First of all: you are the one who determines how it will be. But we are happy to help you with that! You have a number of choices:
• a soft or defined hairline
• slightly pulled back or further forward
• straight or softly rounded

So we can make the hairline as you want. Ultimately it depends on your wishes, age and skin type. It is important that the hairline matches your face, so that it looks especially natural.

Here Are The 5 Reasons To Choose Scalp Micro Pigmentation

  1. Effective

Success is guaranteed with a Scalp Micro Pigmentation. You do not have to wonder whether the treatment will work or has an effect, as is sometimes the case with other hair loss solutions. After a first treatment you will walk out the door with a completely filled-up shaven look and your baldness is therefore immediately camouflaged. You immediately have a fresh and younger look as a result!

  1. Long-lasting results

The result is permanent, the SMP will never go away. You can get up the rest of your mornings after a treatment and not have to worry about your hair or the lack thereof.

  1. Realistic

Scalp Micro Pigmentation replicates the look of real hair follicles and enables the most realistic illusion of real hair at a millimeter length. When a treatment is performed by an experienced specialist, the result will be indistinguishable from the real thing. So people in your environment will not know that you have undergone treatment.

  1. A non-surgical treatment

The result of a Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment is achieved with pigments and specially developed equipment. There is no operation involved. This is certainly a big advantage because it makes the treatment a lot less invasive and does not cause scars. There is no recovery period or pain involved, just redness of the skin. The risks are therefore much smaller.

  1. Low maintenance

Scalp Micro Pigmentation also requires little or no maintenance. You will only need to keep the existing hair at a good millimeter length and protect the scalp from the sun to prevent lightening. No hair work to keep clean and / or wash, working with tape, topic to apply, worry while swimming or a day at the beach etc.

Would you like to make an appointment for a treatment, give us a call on:

(813) 300-1458

Juan Guerrero is the CEO and Founder of ScalpMicro Tampa Bay clinic. He helps people with hair loss problems to regain their confidence through scalp micropigmentation.

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