5 Myths About Scalp Micropigmentation

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March 27, 2021
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5 Myths About Scalp Micropigmentation

There is a lot of information about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatments. It can be a true maze to dig through websites and providers; each of which also provides different information. Unfortunately, this can be misleading and may even deter you from actually going for treatment. We want to give you a hand and clarify the most common myths surrounding Scalp Micropigmentation through this blog.

1. SMP is only for the people who are completely bald

Some people assume that you have to be completely bald for SMP treatment. While this is common, there are many degrees of hair loss to which hair pigmentation can be applied. For example, you can only have your inlets filled or treat a balding crown. A condition for this is that the hair must be worn with a millimeter, when you go for the ‘shaven look’ there are many possibilities! The pigmentation can then blend nicely with the existing hair stubble. Another good example is a thickening treatment. This is a godsend when the density on top of your head is lower than on the sides. By applying pigmentation between the hairs present, this together with SMP forms a whole that appears nicely full.

2. It is not permanent

This misconception is also not entirely correct. An SMP treatment is a permanent solution; the pigments will never disappear completely. After the two basic treatments at ScalpMicro Tampa Bay you can enjoy the result endlessly. What people probably go wrong with is the fact that SMP can sometimes require maintenance. In these cases, the SMP becomes lighter as opposed to disappearing completely. So this is about something else.

Over time, some people may need to update the SMP a little because you are dealing with ‘living canvas’ and the skin may be able to release some pigment through the immune system over the years. This process can be accelerated if you do not (properly) protect the scalp from the sun, use the tanning bed, certain medication or if you have not properly followed the aftercare instructions.

3. SMP is not suitable for light hair and / or a light skin color

Men with light hair often wonder if the treatment is right for them and often have the misconception that it is not possible. This thought may stem from the fact that some providers say they do not perform this treatment; if this is the case, it has to do with skill and experience. Performed by specialists with knowledge of technology and color, a good result is absolutely achievable.  
Why does it require so much expertise? With a lighter skin it is important to use light and then possibly work towards a darker whole. An experienced specialist knows how much space for this. A slight imperfection can stand out much more in this case.

For a natural look, therefore, lighter pigments will be used, so the SMP fits nicely with the situation, but as you can see in the images, it still ensures a nice compaction. The color of the pigmentation is always adjusted to the shade of the existing hair at the length it was shaved during the treatment.

4. It doesn’t look natural

Another myth is that SMP can have an artificial look, but a good specialist with years of experience knows how to create a natural look.
As far as we are concerned, a natural appearance of SMP is the most important and we dare to say at ScalpMicro Tampa Bay that we are specialized in the most natural hairlines. Because the pigments are always chosen uniquely for each person on the basis of hair color and skin color and a hairline is designed according to facial structure, it is very unlikely that people will notice it.

Unfortunately, there are cases where SMP looks unnatural, but this is a matter of lacking experience in advice on appropriate hairline and technique.

5. SMP is just a tattoo

When you watch videos and photos online of an SMP treatment you will indeed think that it is about tattooing on the head. In some aspects it is similar, but certainly not the same! The technique and knowledge required for a hair pigmentation treatment is very different from the classic tattoo. In this case it is all about fineness for which finer and shorter needles are used than with regular tattoos. We also work in a different skin layer.

When a tattoo artist uses the depth in the scalp that he / she is used to, the pigments can run and discolor. This involves a small difference when introducing the pigments, but one that is crucial for a nice SMP result. For the specialist, this requires a lot of precision and experience. A tattoo is absolutely not the same as a Micro Hair Pigmentation.


A good specialist really makes the difference. Debunking the fables often boils down to experience and the way in which technology is applied. ScalpMicro Tampa Bay strives to achieve the most natural results. We really see our passion as craftsmanship and are happy to advise you!

Juan Guerrero is the CEO and Founder of ScalpMicro Tampa Bay clinic. He helps people with hair loss problems to regain their confidence through scalp micropigmentation.

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